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Starting at $875 per Team

All Players Must Have A Signed & Notarized Waiver

Remember when hockey was fun ?

The Stimilon Hockey Tournament began in several years ago with a bunch of us in the motocross industry skating together. Over the years we found more and more players who also enjoyed racing dirt bikes. In 2013, we decided to set up a full on tournament and Dover, NH became the home of the first weekend long Hockey/Party Tournament.

Now, since Stimilon has almost 20 years organizing, promoting and running events in the action sports world, throwing a Hockey Tournament seems like the next likely step (not really). However, where we lacked in "Tournament knowledge" we more than made up for in "taking care of business" by introducing the players who have never been to one of our events to what Stimilon is all about - FUN, SWAG and PARTIES.

Each team received some unexpected goodies and treats at check in and in the locker rooms. Rumors will will probably embellish the sheer dollar value but needless to say players seemed stoked.

The great thing about the Dover area is it is right off the highway, has tons of restaurants and bars, and the lodging is affordable and very nice. In fact, some of the hotels are right across the street from some of the bars, and the ones that aren't usually have free shuttles so you don't have to drive.

So get your team together and head to Dover this March to see what the Stimilon Hockey Challenge is all about - you won't be disappointed.

Don't have a team?

If you would like to take part in the tournament but don't have enough players to fill a team shoot us an email and we will help place you on a team. Please include your name, email, phone, and DOB along with your preferred division or skill level.