photo by: Matt Francis

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We have postponed the May 18th school due to inclement weather. The school has been rescheduled for Tuesday June 7th. Everyone who was signed up for May 18 has been rolled over to June 7th

Welcome to the Stimilon Motocross Academy

...a fun new way of improving your riding skills and becoming a better racer. If you race then you know that it takes constant training to get better. Ricky, James, Chad, Kevin, etc work at their profession every day to be the best – so what makes you think you don’t have to?

But are you practicing the right techniques? Are you training hard, or smart? Or are you just practicing bad habits, actually making you worse, even though you think you are getting better.

A simple way to gauge this is your weekly race results? Are you getting better? Are you advancing from Novice to Amateur, Amateur to Expert? Or are you out there just spinning laps hoping enough riders in front of you fall so you can claim you did well…

Motocross is a sport that you have to learn to become good at – nobody threw a leg over a bike the first time and rode like a champion. It takes work, dedication, and skill. We will help you to train right, learn the proper technique and become a better, safer, rider. So even if you don’t race we can help you improve so that you enjoy the sport more.

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