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The Stimilon Motocross Academy

SMA strives to maintain no more than a 15:1 ratio of students per instructor. Training includes both verbal and demonstrative instruction, then we send the riders out to ride a loop to practice what has just been taught. Because of this we can handle groups up to 15 per instructor. However, instructors are always available if you have a question or need additional assistance with a particular section.

We also try and group ability levels together for more effective teaching techniques. In the morning you will be placed into groups based on your application and an evaluation. Please do not try and impress us with your morning ride – this is not a tryout for a factory team. You are here to learn and improve, and you cannot do that if you are getting carted off in an ambulance in the first 15 minutes because you were riding over your head to impress us. Ride Smart – always!

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Our 2010 Instructors

> John Dowd
> Keith Johnson
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