2023 Official Stimilon MoM Event Schedule

Saturday, July 29 MoM Rd 1 Milford Riders, CT Opening Day
Saturday Aug 19 MoM RD 2 BRO MX, MA North Adams, MA
Saturday Sept 9 MoM Rd 3 508 INT'L Charlton, MA
Saturday Oct 7 MoM RD 4 Milford Riders, CT Laurie Olcott Breast Cancer Memorial

Details and sign up at http:// stimilon.com/registration/

The Milford Riders Club: 565 Plains Road, Milford, CT, Exit 35 off I-95

Bro MX: 1190 S State St, North Adams, MA


Milford events: 1130am Gates open, 12-2 Sign up, 215 Rider Meeting, 230-330 Practice, 4pm Racing starts

All other events (Bro, 508) 830am Gates open, 9-1030 Sign up, 1045 Rider Meeting, 11-12 Practice, 1230pm Racing starts

Currently for 2022 we offer contingency from 4 top manufacturers: Pitster Pro, SSR Motorsports, YCF and Piranha Pitbikes! Each is offering $13,050 for the 6 round series. They will be awarding contingency in 8 of the 16 classes we offer. Yoots, College Boy, Middle Age, Senior, Unlimited, Rockstar, Fat Boy and Womens!


Please show your appreciation and support those who support you and your series! Thank you.

Welcome to the Stupidity!

This year Masters of Mini Celebrates its 20th season of "thinking its real..."

A while back we were featured in MiniMoto Magazine's "Masters Of Mini Series Finale" Article in 2008 and Planet Mini's "Dynasty In The Making" Article in 2009. This was back when we were cool, we really havent done much of anything since. Now we just rest on our past fame like child actor who heads to the mall to sign autographs...

Can you believe we have kept this Charade going for 20 years? (Neither can we...)


We are very proud that the Masters of Mini Series (MoM) is North America's longest running and best attended pit bike series. You already know that it is a stupid fun time riding a pit bike, but every year we get new riders "discovering" pit bikes and the MoM series. We are proud to have so many new sponsors joining our series and showcasing their products. As well as so many who continue their support year after year. You will hear this many times when racing with us - "SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU!" This is our Motto and it is so true.

We are back to our roots with your favorite local New England tracks like The Milford Riders Club and BRO MX but new this season we adding new tracks like 508 INT'L... We are proud to continue to offer real MX tracks to our racers, not some backyard field. Our lap times range from 1 minute 30 seconds to sometimes upwards of 3 minutes. We also offer what we feel are some of the most challenging courses and some of the most technical terrain for pit bikes. But dont worry, many of our racers are weekend warriors too, so dont be scared. MoM has it all.

MoM now offers 16 different Pit Bike classes for our racers to choose from. We feel that this is one of the most diverse offerings of any race series out there. Our goal is to continue to offer fair, fun, competitive racing. We have classes for all bike and engine sizes, as well as budgets. We have purposely designed our series so that you can race a minimum of 2 classes with the same bike, some race 3 or 4 classes to maximize their riding time since each additional class is only $10.

This year we have a 4 race series for the championship. But the Masters of Mini Series is more than just a race series, it is a big party and gathering every time we get together. Friends new and old come out to play, race, bang bars and tell stories. In fact, we have been lucky enough to attract some of the best sponsors in and out of our sport to support our series. Now you can have bikes worked on trackside; so a bent rim, blown tube, or carburetor issues wont end your day. We even have food vendors on sight for some races, so you will eat well. We have companies selling t shirts, Beer mugs, hoodies and more with cool MoM logos. You can even order customized items with your name and number on them. Not to mention frequent samplings from Red Bull, Ryno Power, Spectro Oils, and others - MoM is more like a festival than just another race.

Years ago we started allowing a "Swap Meet" style for all. Since so many of you are trying to hock your used junk like a bunch of Gypsies on our facebook page we thought we would just make it easier for everyone to have a place to meet and actually see the "goods". So have at it and invite friends to come watch and ride! All at no extra charge to racers and hoarders alike.

You have to experience it to really know!

We are also proud of our female riders who have "manned" up and taken to the track year after year, instead of just watching their husband and boyfriends have all the fun. We also welcome all the new faces we see each event. So many come to watch and then get a bike and actually race with us the next time. Several teams and individuals have bought and sold bikes right at our event, so if you are looking for a bike - come on down.

If you have a pit bike or always wanted to try it - come see a Masters of Mini Event for yourself. It is a ton of fun!

Thank you for your continued support,