MoM Rules!


Message from davo
In 2022 The Masters of Mini Series will be celebrating its 20th year! The MoM Series began in 2003 and has been running ever since. This is an enormous milestone for us as Stimilon has never had a Event Series that lasted 20 years. We are very proud and very humbled, and thank each and every rider, sponsor, staff member, volunteer and friend that have helped us reach this important achievement. Everyone helped to make this happen - THANK YOU!!!

We remember when it was just 10 inch bikes out there - oh how times have changed. And with the changing times comes this year's updated MoM Rules! (our rule book) Please read through all of this - one to familiarize yourself again and two to see changes as there have been updates each and every year - including this year

Now, we realize that there is quite a bit of reading here, but we encourage you to not only read through it all, but know it well. We make modest changes every year to tweak things that we felt needed improvement over past years. We take the feedback we recieve from the riders very seriously and try to implement them where and when we can. Many things are similar to year's past because it worked. Yet others have been tweaked to make room for improvements. So sit down and take some time to go through everything here a couple of times so you can get the most out of your racing and riding experience with us this year. Let's face it, it has been a year (or more) since you read this anyway - so refresh your memory - even if you think it sounds familiar. It is your job as a racer to know these guidelines and rules.

(stupid questions will cost $10 a piece this year, $20 if the answer was in here and you didn't even bother to read thru this).

Hey, times are tuff, so we might actually do this this year - haha

Consider this our "rule book" even though we hate that idea because rules seem contrary to what we set out to do with this series in the first place - just get everyone together to have a good time. But in the end YOU made a solid case that better structure will make things more fun so we listened. Not all your ideas could be put in place this year - beer tents (working on it), Swedish massage girls (one of our 30 second girls was from Brooklyn - does that count) and $10,000 purses in each class (ha! Not happening but we do have some strong contingency now...) are all "excellent" ideas but just couldn''t come together for us this year. However, many ideas were implemented and we think these will really help our series to continue to grow.

This year looks to be amazing with a fresh schedule, more sponsors, the End of the year party, and even more! So, let me take a minute to explain to all of you each of the opportunities that have become available to us this year because of our numbers. MoM's growth has drawn a lot of attention from the right people and companies. We have more opportunities simply because we are stronger as a group then we could ever be as individuals. Why am I saying this? Because the more people that continue to attend MoM events, the more opportunities there are for ALL of us. So when I say bring friends at the end of each email it is not just a saying - it must become our mission statement for growth. Because of the growth and new riders you all brought to the races the past few years we have new tracks, better scheduling, kept prices down, brought in better sponsors in, etc. etc. etc. And remember bringing friends doesn't just mean racers, but spectators as well. The more you bring, the better the party! We have shown that FUN will always be in demand and therefore supported - no matter what the economy. So as always BRING FRIENDS - OFTEN!

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Oh man, is it getting real?
For some of you it has been real for a while now (be honest) yet for others it will never be real - and that is what makes The Masters of Mini Series different than any other pit bike series out there - we truly have something for everyone. Look, bottom line: we are still the same idiots running the show. We do not answer to any sanctioning body, the government or even your parents (mini dads be forewarned!) We answer to you, our riders! However, we appreciate that we have championships, prizes, and yes, even egos, on the line so we try to make a few adjustments each year. Everything we do is to insure better racing and parity (big word, we know, look it up!). We try to make sure there is no reason to cheat , and if you are going to (be that lame) and try to cheat we give everyone a chance to call you out. That way we can settle it and all get on with our lives. (See below)

Look, at the end of the day you are all still grown ass adults racing little kid's bikes. I mean seriously, have you seen a picture of yourself - you look ridiculous! But, we all do it because it is so much fun and racing pit bikes doesn't seem to have all the pressure of big bike racing. It was in that spirit that The Masters of Mini Series was born. Fun is the reoccurring theme here and you will hear us stress that over and over again. We have no idea how long this ride will last (been 20 years so far), so we might as well get everyone on board while we can and have a great time!

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You guys aren't very PC
Nope. We cuss, drink and make fun of each other as much as we possibly can. Get used to it!

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Alright, bore me with your history
It is important to know where you came from and to recognize that this did not all happen overnight. Can you believe MoM held our first event at Rocky Hill in Connecticut in 2003. (that track doesnt even exist anymore...) MoM has grown from holding races on the kid''s track, with just 16 entries to now getting entire MX facilities, major sponsors, hundreds of friends showing up to bang bars, and even hundreds more coming out to watch and party with us after the race.

The Masters of Mini Series is THE LONGEST RUNNING, BEST ATTENDED Pit Bike Race Series in all of North America! (True Story) And we are very proud of that, as you should be too. We all did this, together! This once backyard event has grown into a nationally recognized race series that draws riders of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. MoM challenges everyone, spectators and riders alike, to remember why we started racing in the first place - to have a good time! So let''s not forget it!

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Wow I'm super impressed - how much money can I give you today?
Haha. We did a little research out there among some of the other well known pit bike races and series and found that The Masters of Mini Series is still more affordable on a class per class basis than most. We hope that you agree with the value of what you are getting by riding, racing and partying with us. Look, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and this is no different.

You see, as much as the MoM staff makes everything look easy, its not, and the series costs have increased over the years. So in order to keep up with what you expect from us, we have a responsibility to make sure the series is profitable or else it will cease to exist.

However, due to our large numbers, we are able to keep costs down as the MoM Series is one of the most affordable race series anywhere. So bring friends so we can all enjoy this party!

Cost Classes Racing
$70 2 regular classes Pre Entry
$80 2 regular classes Day of
$10 Extra Class (3rd or 4th class)

Even in these tough times

MoM has not raised our prices in over 5 years. That is due to your amazing support! MoM continues to be one of the most affordable forms of motorized racing anywhere. And as always, you can save money by pre registering. Don''t contribute to the idiot tax - pre register! And just like every year if you think you have the Stones, we have the Rockstar class. Lastly, we have continued the policy that if two classes just ain't enough, we have made your 3rd (and 4th) class a nominal fee of only $10 each (this price has not gone up in 20 years of the Masters of Mini Series) We want to be your first choice for fun!

So let's talk about that a minute: Each year we have more riders racing a third and fourth class. In fact, a few of you race up to six classes (Gladiators!) We want you to get the most out of your racing day, so think about it - it's only $10. You came to ride your pit bike and Lord knows you've got enough into that piece of junk that you need to ride it - a lot. So why not ride all day instead of sitting around watching everyone else ride. Think about it if you pre register, a 3rd class is basically free. So you can get more out of your day by adding a third class. Again, we don't want your money (yes we do) we just want you to go home tired and happy.

*Support the tracks that support The Masters of Mini Series - bring friends with you to race and hang out. Buy hot dogs, souvenirs, and make sure you wipe the seat after you pee! Please note MoM never charges for spectators, however some venues will for obvious reasons. Don''t bitch, instead show support for the tracks that even let your sorry asses on the property in the first place. So please be advised and bring as many friends as you can to cheer you on. Life is more fun with an entourage.

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I'm in - what are the race dates?
For The Current Race Schedule:
Please Click on the "Schedule" link at the top of this page or...

Click here to see this year's schedule

All Rain Dates are the next day (usually Sunday) except for specific dates (such as the Marshfield Fair - just pray it doesnt rain there ever again!)

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What bikes are allowed to race MoM?
Please read through each class for details on allowable bikes. As always - All bikes must be air cooled 4 strokes. xr80/100s, ttr/drz 125s, and crf150f are allowed in Playbike and Unlimited classes (CRF150Rs are not allowed - they are water cooled and are therefore evil).

Your Masters of Mini Classes - the Basics
Yoots...................ages 13-17, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
College Boy............ages 18-24, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Middle Age.............ages 25-34, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Senior..................ages 35+, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Fat Boy.................anyone 185+lbs +, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Poor Boy...............BONE STOCK 49cc, 8" or 10" rear wheel
Modified...............49-89cc, all mods, 8", 10" or 12" rear wheel
Limited................BONE STOCK 90-111cc, 12"" rear wheel
Kamikaze..............49-135cc, 8", 10", or 12" rear wheel
Women.................Think about it! 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Unlimited..............135cc+, 8", 10", 12" 14" or 16" rear wheel
10/12 Rockstar.........all mods, 8", 10", or 12" rear wheel
Playbike.................Maximum 155cc, up to 16" rear wheel
Battle Royale (with cheese)... 88 vs 110, 8", 10", 12" rear wheel

Super Senior.............Men ages 50+, Women ages 35+, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel
Chunky Monkey............anyone 220+lbs +, 8", 10", 12" or 14" rear wheel

Detailed Class Breakdown - MoM Rules!

Yoots, College Boy, Middle Age, Senior and Super Senior RULES:
These are all open engine size classes with a 14" rear wheel (max). Each class represents an age division, usually used as a second class. If you qulaify to race the Super Senior Class (Men 50 years of age or older, Women 35 year of age or older) you may ALSO race the Senior class. This is a courtesy to our geriatric racers...

Fat Boy and Chunky Monkey RULES:
These are also both an open engine size class with a 14" rear wheel (max). All Fat Boy riders must weigh a minimum of 185lbs. All Chunky Monkey riders must weigh a minimum of 220lbs. If you Qulaify to race in the Chunky Monkey class (you are at least 220lbs) you may ALSO race the Fat Boy class. Weigh ins will be required at sign ups - bring your own donuts, Fatties!

Modified (50-89cc) RULES:
This class is basically the 88cc class - same as always, all mods allowed up to 89cc, we allow up to 12" rear wheel to allow xr70s.

Women Rule (get used to it)
Female riders any age, Open engine size up to a 14" rear wheel, Women 35+ can also race Super Senior as a second class not back to back with Women (like Senior is)

Poor Boy (Stock 49cc) RULES:
XR/CRF50, Z50, TTR-50 Motorcycles only
The following items must remain Bone Stock: Engine cases, Engine head and cylinder, piston and rings (No AFTERMARKET aluminum heads allowed, no cylinder spacers allowed), Stock carburetor (re-jetting is allowed. Choke must remain on carb), carburetor manifold, engine appearance (do not paint or coat cases), stock frame, swing arm, forks, wheels hubs (Up to 10" Rear Wheel), Auto Clutch only (No manual clutches allowed) drum brakes, stock fuel tank. (ONLY stock cylinders allowed!) stock bore and stroke (49cc). Stock 3 speed transmission. Stock Exhaust Only! Basically NO performance mods allowed

Bikes can be modified by changing or adding the following parts: Upper triple clamps, handlebars, grips, brake cable, throttle cable, kill-switch, throttle assembly, graphics, tires, shifter, brake lever, clutch springs and plates, Auto Clutch only (No manual clutches allowed) CDI box, air filter (exposed air filters allowed), fork springs, rear shock, chain, sprockets, rims and spokes, foot pegs/mounts, skid plates, seat covers and foam, plastic. Basically comfort mods allowed

We are trying to keep this class fun so this class will require a Self Policing Policy where you tech inspect each other to insure no one is cheating. So if you guys have an issue work it out amongst yourselves. If it cant be worked out bring it to a MoM official and we will work it out for you - but you may not like our decision :) You are all adults (or at least you should be) try and play nice...

Battle Royale (with Cheese) (88 vs. 110) RULES:
This is the Modified class vs. the Limited class. So the same rules apply for each of those respective classes.
110s must have stock pipe and stock air box just like Limited. We added this class to allow the Modified and Limited class bikes a second class in which they were competitive. Plus everyone runs their mouth about which is faster - a done up 88 or a stock 110 - now we will see...

Limited Class (90-111cc) RULES:
This Class is for KLX/DRZ110, CRF110 and TT-R90 /110, Motorcycles Only
The following items must remain "Bone Stock": Engine cases, Engine head and cylinder, piston and rings (No AFTERMARKET aluminum heads allowed, no cylinder spacers allowed), No clutch or clutch parts including perch (110L must race Kamikaze), Stock carburetor (re-jetting is allowed. Choke must remain on carb), carburetor manifold, air box, engine appearance (do not paint or coat cases), stock frame, swing arm, forks, Stock wheels hubs, (12" Rear Wheel), brakes, fuel tank. ONLY stock cylinders allowed! Stock bore and stroke 90-111cc, Drum Brakes, Stock Exhaust! Basically NO performance mods allowed

Bikes can be modified by changing or adding the following parts: Upper triple clamps, handlebars, grips, brake cable, throttle cable, kill-switch, throttle assembly, graphics, tires, shifter, brake lever, clutch springs and plates, Auto Clutch only (No manual clutches allowed) CDI box, air filter (Air box MUST remain stock - no exposed filter), fork springs, rear shock, rims, spokes, chain, sprockets, foot pegs/mounts, skid plates, seat covers and foam, plastic Basically comfort mods allowed

We are trying to keep this class fun so this class will require a Self Policing Policy where you tech inspect each other to insure no one is cheating. Basically if you guys have an issue work it out amongst yourselves. If it cant be worked out bring it to a MoM official and we will work it out for you - but you may not like our decision :) You are all adults (or at least you should be) try and play nice...

Kamikaze Class 49-135cc RULES:
Recommended Bikes: KLX/DRZ110, KLX110L, CRF/XR 50/70, Z50, TT-R50/90/110, and similar Chinese Machines
This class has a maximum 12" Rear Wheel, motors can be bored to obtain up to max of 135cc. This class allows the 130 BBR kit, and 132 and 134 kits - however most bikes in this class are stock 110 motors. The difference here is this is the class for 110s with a pipe, clutch, and/or disc brakes (chinese bikes)

Bikes can be modified by changing or adding the following parts: Upper triple clamps, handlebars, grips, brake cable, throttle cable, kill-switch, throttle assembly, graphics, tires, piston, rings, exhaust system, carburetor, carburetor manifold, clutch springs and plates (manual clutches allowed) CDI box, air filter (exposed air filter allowed), swing arm, brakes, forks, fork springs, rear shock, chain, sprockets, foot pegs/mounts, skid plates, hubs, rims, spokes, shifter, brake lever, seat covers and foam, plastic

The most common bikes in this class are stock 110's with clutches, aftermarket exhaust or both. 90% the bikes in this class have (unmodified) 110cc motors. So dont be scared...

Unlimited Class RULES (135cc+) up to 16 inch wheel
This is an open class (135cc+ engine for 10" or 12" bikes) and is for all bikes and riders who think they have what it takes. We allowed 16" bikes in here with a 155cc max engine size because we researched it and found it truly wont make a difference. We know our unlimited riders on the 12" bikes and they can hold their own. Plus - this will make it interesting. Used as a second class for all 16 inch bikes. Most common bikes that race this calls are 110s with the 143cc kit, xr80/100/150, ttr/drz125 and chinese bikes 200cc and under.

10/12 Rockstar
This class is unlimited engine mods with a maximum 12 inch rear wheel. Think you can hang? We will see...

Playbike RULES (max 155cc)
Recommended Bikes: XR/CRF 80/100/150f, TT-R/DRZ125 and KLX 110, TTR 110, etc
We added this class a couple of years ago and it has become by far our most popular class due to the fact that many 110s run in it. We have put a 155cc max on the class in order to try and keep it fair and fun. With the 155cc cap, many 138 race heads and 143 kit (with or without a stroker) 110s run this class with good results. This class is used as an additional class for Kamikaze class bikes, and others that meet the requirements. Riders started to run this class just to get some extra laps, however they quickly found out that they could be competitive.




Just a heads up
We designed this series so that everyone can race a minimum of two classes with one bike, in fact we have many who race 3 and even 4 classes. Each year we have a few brave soles racing up to 6 classes. (Race 4 classes all six rounds and earn yourself the coveted IRON MAN AWARD, Race 5 classes all 6 rounds and earn the WARRIOR AWARD, Race 6 classes for all 6 rounds and recieve the GLADIATOR AWARD!) Remember, your 3rd, 4th and any additional classes are just $10 more per class - so if you want more laps, we made it affordable, please take advantage of our generosity (it wont last).

Remember - you can always race "down" a class. Meaning if you have a 75cc Honda, you can race the modified (88cc) class, if you have a stock 110 bike and want to race the kamakazi class, etc - you can. Who would do this? A lot of times friends show up to race each other but have different size bikes but still want to race together. Others just want to get as many laps in as they can and make a day of it. So there you go - it's all you buddy!

On that note please know we have a policy: EVERYONE WILL RACE! With 16 class choices we have never had an issue with finding classes for someone to race who shows up with some freak show of a bike. So, if you ever have a question as to what class you can race or if you have a bike that you feel doesn't quite fit in - just email us! We will get you dialed.

***MoM staff has the right to interpret these rules as they see fit on race day. We know these rules are not going to be perfect, however we hope you will all understand that we are trying to make racing more fair and fun.

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MoM Honor System
**** Most important! MoM is based on the honor system. 99% of you out there are either honest about what you are riding, or you just suck so badly that it wont matter anyway. We pride ourselves on having fun and trust that you want that as well. We will check on bikes if we have to but that will waste time and cost EVERYONE laps - so please don't be THAT GUY. We have a policy that will ALWAYS allow anyone to ride. So if you show up with an "illegal" bike for a class (We realize you are not trying to cheat, this is just the bike you own) - just please let us know (before we find out) and we will just disqualify you but still allow you to ride. ie you can race with us, you just cant take any prizes or points away from those who have a "legal" bike. Thank you for keeping MoM fun and respecting the code.

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What about cheaters?
Here we go... There are always going to be cheaters in life because people are afraid of a challenge, they want the easy way out. Well nothing worth having ever comes easy. If you haven't been able to figure it out by now, The Masters of Mini Series is all about having a good time. So if your ego is so fragile that you have to cheat to feel good about yourself then at least have the rocks to admit it before anyone whines about it! And remember, you are all winners (in a Special Olympics sort of way)

All kidding aside, RESPECT THE MoM HONOR SYSTEM - PLEASE! We bust our asses every year to create a class structure so that you DON'T have to cheat. But some of you will, and as sad as that is, it is a fact of racing. So we have a solution to try and embarrass your lame ass. See Below.

Lastly, just because someone whoops your ass doesn't necessarily mean he/she is cheating. Maybe that rider is good and you just plain suck - it could happen. Maybe that $400 150cc motor you got from Pep Boys isn't as fast (or reliable) as you thought. Be careful before you cast someone out as a cheater - they might be 120lbs of fury, or they might just be better than you (your high school football days are over there fat ass.)

Say I want to call someone out?
In year's past we made fun of you for being such a pansy, recently we realized that most of you are in fact pansies and that we shouldn't discriminate. So we came up with a real way to challenge a "cheater". Here is how you throw down to bring justice to the land:
  1. Pick your target - a big fat old guy who pulls a holeshot in the poorboy class is a good start.
  2. Find a MoM Staff member and hand over $100 cash (hey freedom has a price) and make your claim - "I am calling out the fat guy!"
  3. We will tap out the accused and inform them that they are being called out.
  4. The accused now has two options:

    1. Throw down $100 cash of his own and our referee will tear down the bike on the spot to prove who is right once and for all...
    2. Or plead "No Contest". In this case no money exchanges hands, but points are stripped from the accused for the relevant class and the bike is NOT torn down. The embarrassed rider is still allowed to race, yet no points or prizes will be awarded. This saves us all the trouble and we can get on with our day.

  5. If option 1 is agreed to, and the bike is found to be a cheater, the accused forfeits his/her money, points are lost for the day (for that class), and everyone will gasp and point
  6. If option 1 is agreed to, and the bike is found within compliance, the accuser forfeits his/her money and honor is restored to the accused. Maidens flock the wrongly accused in sympathy (maidens optional)

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Whatever, now how do I Pre-Register?
Just go to the top of this (or any MoM page) and click on the "Register" tab on the left in RED or Click Here for online pre-registration (

You may request a number at this time. Numbers given out first come first served, so if you want your number - pre register. It''s quick, painless, cheaper and really helps us out! Pre Registration forms need to be in our hands no later than a week before each event to count as a pre registered price - SO GET ON IT! Pre register securly online.

If you wish to lock up your number for the season you can do this at as well. Just click on the "MoM locked race numbers" with the padlock icon. The cost is just $25 and locks your number up in your respective classes for the season. This is NOT a requirement to race with us - just a courtesy. So who would do this? Many of you have spent good money to cover your roach with fancy graphics and of course that includes your fancy number choice. By locking up your number if someone in the same class as you has the same number - we make them change it - not you. Otherwise you can roll the dice and it is first come first served.

Last point on numbers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick a graphic that can be seen from a distance. Grey or Red numbers on Black backgrounds may look cool in your garage but suck to read on a track. Have respect for the score person that is giving up a day of riding to watch your sorry ass putt around a track on a kids bike. A simple white and/or black outline around your numbers will make them pop and make it easier to score the race. Thank you

Why should I Pre Register?
Well. Here are 4 reasons why all the cool kids Pre Register:
(1) It saves time - Pre Registering allows us to enter you into the computer in advance instead of the day of. By doing this it saves us time and headache on race day, which means we start practice and racing earlier and you get more laps with a less grumpy staff. "But I am a jerk and really don't care about you and your staff" Wow, ok...
(2) Special Privileges - Everyone who Pre Registers will get access to a special pre registered line so you can get through signups as quickly as possible - ask anyone who did this last year. You are in and out in about 2 minutes! "But I like standing in lines - it makes me feel important" Odd, but alright...
(3) Gate Pick - pre registered riders get first gate pick in the order we receive your pre registration. "Who cares about gate pick - I like eating roost" Man I hope you are in my class...
(4) FREE CLASS - Well, not exactly but you will save $10 so you could enter that third or fourth class you keep telling all the girls about in school. Bascially it will cost you the same to pre register and do 3 classes as it will to sign up the day of and do 2 classes - think about it! You are paying the same money, but getting more time on the track.

If you want an inexpensive, hassle free race experience (not to mention plenty of winks from the hotties at registration) pre register! Pre Registered Entries must be in our hands no less than one week prior or they will be considered day of entries. (It doesn''t do us any good to get it only 3 days early genius!)

I'm on it - so what are the Pre Register Deadlines for Each Race?

To qualify for Pre-Registration Entry forms must be in our hands typcially no later than 1 week prior to race date:

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Hey, what is a Rockstar?
Originally this was to be the "Pro" class but too many people whined that they were not a "Pro" - So we said, "OK there Rockstar" Simply put a Rockstar is someone who has more money in their bike than some people have in their retirement account (sad, but true). The Rockstar classes were added several years ago to bring the series to the next level and answer the question "Who truly is the best of the best?" The Rockstar class also provides us with the perfect class to wildcard MoM riders to other big name events. Since 2006, MoM has had our top riders race all over the country at the biggest events and we are proud to do that. Remember, the rockstar class is open to anyone who thinks they have the rocks. So don't whine about your engine size or wheels being too small (sounds like a person problem) - its not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of fight in the dog! So have at it.

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Year End Stimilon Banquet
Each year at the end of the season (beginning of the new year) we have a big celebration (usually at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott) where we get together for good food, good drink, and hand out our Awards and special accolades. We usually host this party during the Opening round of SX at Anaheim since everyone is a bench racer at heart. The date is typically the first weekend in January - and we announce it often throught the season, so mark your calendars and plan to come party with us, eat, drink, cheer for the awards, have a kick ass raffle and then go watch to pros throw down at the Anaheim SX opener live in the bar! More details will follow as the new MoM season gets underway.

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Do I have to do the whole series or can I just jump in the events I want to do?
There is no Membership fee to race the Masters of Mini Series. MoM has always been an open series allowing riders to come for one, some or all events, as they choose. Each event will carry its own prizes and points. Points will go toward the championship awarded at the end of the series. We keep championship points because many of our sponsors, as well as other industry notables, look at our results to judge riders in this region.

We are proud to be a series that draws top talent for the industry to observe. But at the same time we are even more stoked on the everyday riders that just come out to have fun with us. We have many riders who have heard about the series and finally come to check it out only to have so much fun that they keep coming back. That is why MoM grows almost every event, every year - Anyone can race with us!

So with that in mind, why wouldn't you race all of the MoM events? You bought that stupid thing and put half of your poor kid's college fund into it. So if your kid is going to grow up "slow" because you can only afford community college the least you can do is have some cool stories about your adventures for your grandchildren.

We know there are a lot of other pit bike races out there this year and honestly we hope you support them too, but MoM is BADASS! Just ask anyone who has raced with us before. If you aren't doing all the MoM events then you don't love America - there, we said it!

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Are there any Women's classes?
Yes! In 2007 we awarded prizes to the women who raced but did not have a dedicated class. The support was strong enough to warrant a dedicated Women's class in 2008 and it was well attended so we have kept the dream alive ever since! Our daughters have both grown up racing in this series with us for nearly 10 years. Stoked to have all you ladies join us and we hope you spread the word and bring friends. The women's class is an open class, up to 14" rear wheel. So have at it ladies - and BRING FRIENDS!

New This year: We have had a number of actual mothers come race with their kids/husbands/etc that want to race 2 classes but the senior class is back to back with the womens class. And sometimes that is too much. So this year all women 35+ (senior eligable) may now race in the super senior class with the men over 50 (go get 'em ladies). The super senior class is later in the program and allows some recovery time in between races. :)

What if I know someone who wants to be a MoM 30 Second Girl?
Do you or someone you know want to be a MoM 30 Second Girl? Looking for fame, fortune, and a fat contract? Well, unfortunately we don't offer any of those. However it is fun. You will also be featured in our MoM 30 Second Girl Gallery. Click here or goto our website to send us your info and which events you are interested in. We will get back to you with information. Space is limited to a maximum of 3 ladies per event - so get on it!

Can I bring my girlfriend?
Yes, please do. Does she have friends and are they good looking? Why isn't she racing with us?

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How do I choose my racer number?
Numbers are given out by request on a first come first served basis. Pre registered riders will always be given preference. So if you want to run your number, please sign up early. Typically number conflicts are minimal, so no worries

Obviously MoM has gotten big enough that we require that you have legible numbers (i.e. no duct tape you slobs!) on all three plates - front and both sides. We recommend black numbers on white backgrounds - they stand out the best. Silver, black on red, and pink may make you think you are cool but it doesn't help our scorers (and honestly looks dumb). Basically if we can't read it you won't get scored - but before you say "I don't care about getting scored" please realize that you screw up the scoring for everyone behind you (and that means the leaders too you lapper!) when you don't have good numbers. Masters of Mini racers can get custom numbers made from the following New England companies and Masters of Mini Sponsors. These companies also have the special MoM graphics - so you can look bitchin'. So support the companies that support you:

Dont forget you can now lock up your number for the season so you wont have to change it if someone else in your class is as creative as you think you are (69, 420, etc) goto and click on the number lock (padlock icon) under Masters of Mini

Motowear USA...............203-660-1738
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What if my brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend etc wants to use my bike in a different class?
We had a couple of these situations each year and it is not a problem. All we ask is that you please let us know when you (pre) register so that we know. Also - if you have two bikes with the same number, and someone wants to use one for a different class than you (classic girlfriend scenario) again just give us a heads up so we don't make you/her change the number. Remember - your number is your identity. It is the only way we know who you are on the track. So take pride in making sure they are clean and legible.

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What time are sign ups? (also listed on the track pages at
Gate, Sign up, Practice, & Race times for the next event are on the Front Page of the MoM website or can be found on our Facebook group page - Stimilon Masters of Mini.

***all times are subject to change. Please make sure you are on our email list, follow Stimilon on Twitter, or Facebook for last minute announcements. To get on our email list just email and write ""add me to the list" in the subject line.

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How much time will I get to practice?
We group you by bike class to insure like riders/equipment are practicing together. Here are the four classes of practice:

Poorboy/kids all 49cc, 8 and 10 inch bike 10 minutes

Modified/Limited all 88-111cc, 8, 10 and 12 inch bikes 10 minutes

Kamakazi/Playbike all 112-150cc, up to 16 inch bikes 10 minutes

Rockstar/Unlimited all 136 and up, 10 and 12 inch bikes 10 minutes

Regular Practice: More popular classes may be broken into 2 heats of practice depending on the venue to avoid overcrowding and insure you the best practice experience. Because of how tight we will be on time at each venue and to insure everyone gets plenty of race laps, we ask that you be ready for your practice a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Better yet - just be ready when we start practice.

Now - some of you might have two different bikes and are wondering if you will get to practice on both bikes, right? We have not been able to do this in the past, due to limited time at each venue. As you all know, the longer practice takes, the less race time we have which means the less laps for you. So here is the solution - bring both bikes up to practice and switch half way during your practice. Practices are timed (usually 8-10 minutes) so you will have plenty of laps on each if you choose to do this. Please do NOT ask to have a second practice - if everyone did this we would be practicing all day (we have ride days for that). We came here to race! Thank you.

Remember, you are here to race, not practice.

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What is the format for each race?
The goal is to provide everyone with 2 motos per class. Whether that is a traditional 2 moto (outdoor/national format) or a Heat/Consi (supercross) type qualifier, you will get your laps. If you ever feel you are not getting enough riding time you can always sign up for a 3rd class (only $10) We want you to get the best possible racing experience with us.

For classes requiring qualifiers we will use the following format: each class will have a Qualifier (Heat Race), a Consi (LCQ) and a Final (Main). Top riders will qualify out of the Qualifier straight into the finals, while others will have to try again in the Consi. The results in the final will determine your placement for that event and points will be awarded accordingly. This format basically insures everyone gets at least two motos per class. How many qualify depends on the track and how many gate positions there are. You will be informed at the riders meeting.

How is scoring assessed for each class championship?
2 Moto (National) Format
If a class is small enough we will run a standard 2 moto format in order to save time (which equals more laps). Points will be awarded for each moto based on old school AMA scoring (we dont like the "new" math) to determine your overall standing for the day - 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc. Both moto scores will be combined and an overall placement for the day will be given. Championship points (for the series) will be given for that event based on overall scoring which will again based on standard AMA scoring - 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc. For Example - if you got 2nd in your first moto and 4th in your second moto earning you a 3rd overall you would get 20 championship points. (So no more than 25 championship points will be awarded per class per event)

Qualifier (Supercross) Format
Seeing how strong the turnout for some classes has been in the past, we are prepared to insure a quality event by applying an SX format - complete with Qualifiers, Consi, and a Final - for each class that warrants it. Everyone will be given at least two chances to race, (some will get 3 if you wind up qualifying for the Final through the Consi). Championship points will be awarded based on how you finish in the Final (Main) and be based on standard AMA scoring -25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc.

How many race laps will I get?
Each track is different and it all depends on what format we run per class per venue due to class entry size. We are very conscious that everyone is there to ride as much as possible and we will do everything to give you as many laps as possible - hey, we race too - but please understand that everything has to fit in a set time frame for each event. We ask for your patience in advance, but if you know anyone who has raced our events in the past - you will go home tired! If you are still worried, enter more classes - that is why we made additional classes are only $10.

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What is the MoM Team Challenge? (Complete explanation is at
The MoM Team Challenge is an improvement on the former Shop Challenge. Shops will still be allowed to run their teams as before - nothing changes there. But now we have opened it up to everyone. So Team Triangle can now recruit and expand their cult, Mini Me Racing can finally be recognized, as well as others. It is a fun way we can have everyone bench race with each other for bragging rights.

Anyone can form a team - it could be your drinking buddies, your local shop, your church group, a family, your riding crew, anyone. Teams must be a minimum of 10 people and you can have a maximum of 50 people. Teams can be formed by submitting an email with your team name and team riders prior to June 1. We will then put your team name on the entry form for people to circle (like the old shop challenge) Team points are not retroactive - meaning you cant add 10 people at the final round and think we are going to waste our time going back through each round - so if you want points, you must your riders must circle your team on the entry form each round - just like the former shop challenge.

Teams must be formed prior to the season. Each Team may enter as many riders as they want in as many classes as they want but only the top finishers for each team per class will get points. Scoring will be as follows - 10 points for first, 9 points for second, 8 for third, etc. However, each team potentially has the ability to score points in up to 14 classes per event. So make sure you pick a team to ride for and get your buddies to do the same. Riders may only ride for one team! Hutch Motorsports has won this Challenge Four Times, Chug's has won it three times - who will win this year? These teams have won because they get the most riders to each race, not necessarily because their riders won every race - consistency wins championships. So remember, Team Championships are not won by just getting fast riders to race, but by getting riders in as many classes as possible since points are awarded for each class. So support the Teams supporting you - it could help them out more than you know.

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What is staging?
This is the key to our events going smoothly. You can only drop gates as fast as you are ready, so having everyone in staging allows us to be more efficient (I know, another big word). The Staging area is made up of lanes which are divided by race class - you line up in the lane marked with your class at least 2 motos before your race. This ensures that everyone is in the gate early and therefore allows us to drop gate after gate with minimum down time between races. What does this mean to you? The more efficiently we run the race - the more laps you get to ride - simple. So please help us to help you - be in your staging area a minimum of 2 races before yours. If you have any questions on the schedule or format just ask any of the MoM staff.

As with year's past, we always allow our last year's champions in each class to have the first gate pick. Champions are allowed to run a red number plate with white numbers and black outlines. However, just as with any gate pick order, if you are not there when you are called into staging, you forfeit your gate pick. Sorry boys and girls but if your gate pick is important to you then you need to be ready and in the staging area early like everyone else.

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What if I have back to back motos?
As much as we do everything to prevent this from happening, it does happen. Not to worry, as long as you tell the MoM staff member running staging that you are in back to back motos when you line up for your first moto they will hold the gate for you on the second race. If you don''t let us know - then who's fault is that?

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Do you Sound Test the bikes?
No we do not sound test the bikes and if we did half of you wouldn''t be allowed to race. You guys really need to police yourselves on this one! Seriously. We all know you are so good that you need more power (or maybe it is just that extra tire you are carrying around) but please make sure your muffler is packed correctly. Some of the bikes out there are louder than 450s and that is ridiculous! Do us all a favor and be responsible.

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Can I ride in the pits?
No and we should slap you for asking. Honestly, please don't be that guy. Walk your bike (yes the whole way) until you are on the track. If everyone was cool when they used to let us ride in the pits back in the day we wouldn't have this issue but someone had to be a jerk (maybe the same guy who didn't want to Pre Register) and now we all suffer for it. Help us out - we need to police ourselves or we won't be asked back. Thanks for your cooperation on this.

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Can my friends/family flag at the event?
MoM is always looking for flagger help at our events. The pay is lousy but the appreciation level couldn't be higher. Our riders need your help. Please volunteer to flag at MoM events. Please click here or goto our website for the events you are willing to flag and we will send you start times and instructions. We cant thank you enough for your support!

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Are there any prizes?
What are you 12? Does that really matter? Yes of course there are prizes, and we hook you up! Make sure to thank our many supporters when you see them at the races and go to our shop sponsors to buy sponsor products when you don't win them. Support those who are supporting East Coast Pit Bike Racing! Seriously - it makes a difference - many of the MoM supporters come back year after year because they have told us that they SEE an increase in their business - so thank you for being smart with your purchasing power.

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What is this NASCAR speech I keep hearing about?
The "NASCAR" speech has become the MoM war cry at each rider's meeting. Simply put it is our way of saying "Support those who support you!" You have control over the success of our sport by spending your dollars wisely. You may think you are saving $15 buying something online, but does that help the shop sponsor who is making the MoM series possible? No, it doesn't. Look, almost every one of our shops will match online pricing, but you will never know until you call them. And even if it costs a few dollars more, buy MoM sponsor products from MoM Shop Sponsors. Without them this series would not exist and you would be watching baseball and football this weekend - seriously! Remember, it is not our right to have sponsors, but it is their right to decide whether or not to support us - so we have to take the first step!

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What type of gear do I have to run?
At this point in the game I honestly have to say that if you have to ask you shouldn't even bother showing up. Dress for the crash - period! Even racing Pitbikes can be potentially dangerous and you as the rider must accept that responsibility and come prepared. But in case you are actually that new, here you go - helmet, goggles, gloves, long pants, long shirt and over the ankle boots (not necessarily mx boots), but I would highly suggest elbow guards, knee/shin guards, a mouth piece, neck protection, chest protector and, after seeing some of you ride, a suit of armor probably wouldn't hurt!

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If I am under 18 do I need to bring my parents to the event?
We were sick of hearing all the whining in year's past about how your mommy doesn't love you and that she didn't want to come to the track. Last year we did the parental permission (link) form and it worked so we are doing that again. It allows your parents to appoint someone to love you for the day at the track (over 18 of course) It must be signed by both of your parents and notarized. All this MUST be mailed in with pre entry or brought with you to the track - no exceptions! Again, don't blame us, blame your lawyer!

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What if I have a question at the track on race day?
All of the MoM staff is empowered to help you and make sure your experience with us is better than expected. As long as you act like an adult and remain calm, we can probably help you out. Remember, as scatter brained as you might be, we are all running around trying to pull this charade off. Be patient, be calm, and let us know what we can help you with. Also, we are proud to have some of the coolest people racing with us - pretty much everybody gets it. So if you have a question, need a part, or just need a friend for the day, just ask the guy pitting next to you. Everybody is pretty cool and most have raced with us before so they know the drill. The Masters of Mini Series can be as fun as you want it to be - think about it!

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Is this Real?
Well like we said before, it's getting there, but if we all uphold the honor system and realize no one is going to get a million dollar deal to be on Factory Honda's Team by racing The Masters of Mini (they wont return our calls), this can be a fun day of racing. In the end - it is still pit bike racing. Remember - Most of you are grown-ass adults riding little kids bikes - get over yourselves! Leave your agent, your lawyer and your mini dad at home please - this is for fun!

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If you are high maintenance and have even more questions just email us