SMC 2009 Videos

Here are some galleries from the 2009 Stimilon Motocross Challenge.
It all started (again) with this...
2009 SMC...We're Back!

2009 Stimilon Motocross Challenge!!! - It's baaaccckkk............. from DB Studios on Vimeo.

2009 Motocross Challenge Videos

This is the full length version - over 22 minutes of stupidity - seriously, we went full retard...

We broke it up into 4 parts so that you can sneak a peak at work or school but we will warn you - be careful - you will want to watch all 4. They are pure magic!
Part 1-Chaos In A Can
(if nothing else, watch this)
Part 2-Shadows Fall
Part 3-Kobra Kai
Part 4-Wrap Up Slideshow

Stimilon Motocross Challenge 09 from DB Studios.

DB Studios is the one first to release a video from the event and I think you will agree it is awesome! Set to Shadows Fall - The Light that Blinds (play it on Guitar Hero II). This video paints a good picture of what the weekend was like - racin', rockin, and roudiness! Here's to DB studios for telling it like it is - thanks guys!
This is one of the first videos of the weekend from our buddy Chris Sickler. It is from the Keeping it Real (2 stroke open class) - the way to keep it real: 2 stroke - check, blow up doll riding doubles - check, proper burn out to heat up tire before start - check.