How do I sign up?

Ok kiddies - Pre Registration is finally Open!

There are NO Membership fees to race with us!
There are NO Transponder fees to race with us!

Historically, this event has been very popular and therefore some classes have sold out in advance. In fact, each year we have had between 300- 350 entries sold up to a month before the event even takes place. Which is why we open registration early each year. We have also developed a progressive pricing tier to allow you to either save money or wait until the last possible minute - which ever is more important for you.

As stated before, we only allow 40 entries per class. This ensures that everyone gets the laps they want without the threat of qualifiers. This event is about giving you riding time. Now with that being said, and even with limited entries, we are restricted by daylight hours, and therefore can only allow so much time/laps per race. So this is why we made your 3rd (LEGEND Status), and if you choose 4th class (IRONMAN Status), a nominal fee. Get the riding you deserve, don''t miss out!

Why would someone choose extra classes - simple, more track time! Some do it to get extra practices before the classes they care about (the throw away), while others do it to just get the most riding time they can (the maximizer) while others still have something to prove like they can take it or something (the compensator). Maybe you have your own reasons. Honestly, we don''t really care, we just want you to have fun!

Now, before you ask, there are no refunds, transfers or other creative ways to back out - we don't care about your excuses, hardships or gambling debts. If we let everyone back out because they got scared what fun would that be?

Gate pick for the first moto of each class will be determined by order of registration - another reason to sign up early. Again, first come first served. If your gate pick is important to you - get on it!

Anyway - Costs are as follows:

Pre registration is now Open!

2019 pricing packages:

Prices Good Until Midnight Entry Includes 2 Classes (Sat) 3rd/4th Additional Class (Sat) Hangover Ride Day Entry (Sun) Girlfriend Rate, Good for Ladies Class Only
2/15/19 $105 $15 $25 $55
3/1/19 $115 $20 $25 $60
4/5/19 $125 $20 $25 $65
5/3/19 $135 $20 $25 $70
6/5/19 $145 $20 $30 $75
6/15/19 $150 $20 $40 $80


We challenge you to show us anyone else who hasnt raised their prices in 10 years...

Now a smart person is going to do the math and realize that it is literally only $10 more ($5 per class) each sign up period - not very much when you think about it. However, Money is Money so save it and sign up early. Please understand that we want you to pre register and save money, however, the longer you wait, the more work and stress it puts on our registration staff, and therefore costs you a few bucks more, however, nothing that will break the bank.

And before you say - that is a lot for a "race" remember, this is not just a race - it is a weekend long celebration! When you factor in the cost of Membership for most race organizations (which we DO NOT charge) and the cost of Transponders to rent or own (which we DO NOT charge) then you start to see that this may be the best bargin available for fun.

THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. In fact this event is very unique because there is nothing else like it anywhere. Anyone who has been to it before will tell you so. Because of this, it is not cheap to put on. Please help us to help you - sign up early, lower everyone's stress levels and save yourself some coin. Hesitation will cost you (because you know you are going to come and race with us). This event is the shit!

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