Back to Where it All Began, Kinda....(well, 10 years ago at least)

The 20 Year Anniversary Stimilon Motocross Challenge will be held at The Southwick National Track now known as The Wick 338 (Southwick, MA) June 14-16, 2019.

The Track is located on Legion Road, Southwick, MA


Because it is the 20 Year Anniversary of when this whole catastrophe started back in 1999. And because so many of you said we HAD to do one more...

So here is the deal - we are going to do one more...

And if you want to see what happened at the 10 year anniversary event here is some documentation that we thought was burned, but wasnt...

Official FBI Evidence vault
2009 Stimilon Motocross Challenge video:

Stimilon 2009 Evidence footage

If you have already heard enough and want to sign up (pretty cocky of us huh...) then click below to go to the online sign up page

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If you need more convincing, (I wouldn't trust us either...) we have tried to answer questions with the links to the left. Read, enjoy, and email us directly if you have any questions...

But for now at least save the date! June 14-16

Online Registration:
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