What do I Get for my Money?

Well the answer to this question is in constant evolution. What exactly does that mean? It means that every year we work for months, right up until the event, to make sure this is a one of a kind weekend for everyone. We take pride in offering something that you can't find anywhere else. This event is so much more than "just another race".

As things come in we will add an update section to the navigation bar on the right. The updates section is where we announce all the cool things we have added. Past examples have been special Stimilon only Discounts, Prizes, what bands are (or are not) playing, what buckchilly is doing this year, details for the instagram and video contests, and more - so stay tuned...

In year's past we have had pit bike races, skate ramps, club 93/94, Smith Goggle Upgrades, Vitamin Water Pit Party Challenge, Twin Air Filter Upgrades, Pit Bike Obstacle Courses, Kiddy Pools, Mud Volley Ball (on the start line), The Moto Option Model Search, Tandem Races (Must supply your own blow up doll), DJs, Metal Bands, Costume Parties, rally car rides, did we mention the Model search? And, well honestly there has been so much more but you get the idea. Let's just say there is more than one reason the Stimilon Motocross Challenge is so well attended.

We love seeing the ladies out there racing with us. And having 2 daughters that race we want to encourage more women to come play at our events. So we created the "Girlfriend Rate" which allows a 1 class entry for the Ladies class ONLY. We hope that more Wives, Daughters, Sisters and of course Girlfriends will decide to join the men in thier lives and come celebrate 20 years of stupidity with us... Enjoy! :)

This event weekend is so much more than a race. And it has become so much more than who wins. It is a celebration, a kick off to Summer, and just a fun weekend to come ride and race your dirt bike.

This event is all about riding. As we used to say - more riding than you can handle! The reason we limit entries is so that you don't loose laps to qualifiers and get sent home early. By capping classes we are turning away good money, but you don't get screwed on laps. Everybody gets their time.

Riding, Riding, and More Riding

With your race entry everyone will get at least 10 minutes of practice and 4 motos (2 per class). Still not enough for you? You can race a 3rd or even 4th class for as low as $15 each (depending how early you pre register). Why do more than 2 classes? Many people sign up for additional classes just to get more track time, extra practice, or to learn the track before the motos that they actually care about. If you think about it - it just makes sense - get the riding time you want!

Friday and Sunday there is additional riding if you think you can handle it - see below.

Pit Party Challenge

We launched this concept with Vitamin Water in 2010. This is a free contest for all to enter. All you have to do is make your pit area an expression of what you think Stimilon is and can be. This can be as big or small as you want it to be - each year we have some very cool, yet simple ideas that win. We also had some elaborate ones that were incredible!

All you have to do to enter is let us know that you want to be eligible and we will assign you a number card that needs to be displayed outside your pit area so the judges know who you are. But there is one rule - whatever you bring in, you must bring out! Don't leave your garbage for someone else to clean up. Thanks.

Set up is Friday, Judging is Saturday, and the winners are announced at the After Party Saturday night. Past prizes have included "several" cases of Vitamin Water each (we have multiple winners in multiple categories) and one year the "Best in Show" received 6 Vitamin Water branded Burton Snowboards. This is totally Free with your entry and each year we have some great pit areas. We get emails and calls each year by groups claiming they will so put your thinking caps on and start planning! More details to follow as we get closer to the event...

Pit Bikes

We allow you to bring and ride your pit vehicle all weekend - provided you act responsibly! Pit Bikes, mini three wheelers, golf carts, rhinos, motorized beer coolers (don't laugh, its true) You name it. We want you to have fun but please respect the rules and realize this is not a right but a privilege. When in/on a vehicle you must weart a helmet at all times (Quite honestly, some of you should be wearing one everyday anyways...)

You must register your pit vehicle by purchasing a vehicle pass and showing your driver's license. Vehicle pass holder is responsible for the vehicle and anyone who drives it. If you or your buddy riding your bike acts like an idiot - you both leave. Every year we love to make one example early, so everyone gets it - please don't be "that guy" and we will have a great weekend. All riders must wear a helmet at all times while operating vehicles. Yeah - we said it twice. You know why.

Party, Party, Party

Friday Night - this is when it all starts. In years past we have had fireworks (unsanctioned), Pit Bike Obstacle Courses, Swimming, Volley Ball, impromptu pin the tail on the teenager, Beer Pong, Photo Shoots, DJs, and one rare instance of Brazilian Momba (Viva Brazil!).

Saturday is the judging for the Pit Party Challenge (see above), as well as other festivities - oh yeah, and there is this race too...

Saturday night is the (actual) party - everything will begin after the racing is done. All we can say here is if you were there in year's past, then you know. If you heard about it, well then this is your chance to be part of the magic. Bands, Beverages, Babes (bring your own babe), Police Escorts, Costumes, Waterslides, DJs, Mud Whale rides - we have something for everyone.

Each year proves that when everyone acts like adults and takes responsibility for them selves, we can all party like we remember. As always, we have new surprises in store each year, so if you have confidence that Stimilon events are always a party, then know we are working on making it even better this time around for the 20th Year Celebratrion!

*Hint - Don't overthink this event - just come, ride, hang with friends and have fun. It will be over before ytou know it...

Hangover Ride Day - Post Race Private Practice

It is back! You all asked about more track time so we brought it back. Think you can handle it? Well we limit the number of entries so that you get a quality ride. The "Hangover Ride Day" is set up for Sunday from 10-4pm. Details will follow. This year we will only be selling 100 Hangover Ride Day Passes. We want this to feel like a private ride day to insure you get the riding you want. The Ride Day will be broken up into 3 groups - Novice, Amatuer/Expert, and Vet (over 30). Each group will get (6 or more) 15 minute motos. Similar to our Holeshot Radio Ride Days you all love so much. Anyway you look at it - we could charge a ton more and not limit entries and make bank - but you wouldn't get the riding time you deserve. So take advantage of our generosity (it wont last). Once we sell all 100 spots - it is closed! This year Hangover Ride Day Passes start for as little as $25 (For a full day on a National Track) The Hangover Ride Day is 10-4pm Sunday June 16th.


If you even have to ask about prizes, then you don't know anything about Stimilon. We don't mean to be cocky, but ask around - we got the goods! Thanks to unbelievable industry support we have some of the coolest stuff to give out. And with our demented minds always finding new ways to play robin hood, more than just the winners go home happy.

But a word of warning here: Come to race, party and just have fun. Let the prizes be what they are - a bonus. We can't tell you how many times we have seen riders walk away from other races bummed out because they didn't get some stupid trophy. This event is more a celebration of comradery and riding then it is to see who wins.

We will be doing Expert Payouts in both the 250 and Open Rockstar classes. We also will pay out per moto AND for the overall just like in year's past! So let your Expert friends know that they can make some money with Stimilon. We will have more info on the purse as we get closer to the event. It will be a portion of entries collected for maximum benefit - so the more who enter, the more we give away! So spread the word!


Think we are kidding? If you have never been to a Stimilon Event, then you have no idea. Its like Merry Freakin' Christmas around here...


All the cool kids race with Stimilon.


Ladies Love Cool Stimilon

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