20 Year Anniversary Stimilon Classes:

1250 RockstarUp to 250cc Expert Class
2250 Wanna BeUp to 250cc Amateur Class
3250 HackUp to 250cc Novice Class
4Open RockstarOpen Expert Class- all bikes over 125cc
5Open Wanna BeOpen Amateur Class- all bikes over 125cc
6Open HackOpen Novice Class- all bikes over 125cc
7Yoots/SchoolboyMax 250cc, ages 14-17 **
8College BoyOpen Class, ages 18-24
9Jobless 25+Open class, ages 25+
10Old 30 ABBAAm/Ex riders ages 30+
11Old 30CNovice Class, ages 30+
12Crusty 35+Open class, ages 35+
13Brittle 40 ABBAAm/Ex riders ages 40+
14Brittle 40CNovice Class, ages 40+
15Decrepit 45+Open class, ages 45+
16LadiesWhat do you think?
17Keepin It Real2 Stroke Open Class
18Never Ever/ HeadlightBeginner class, Enduro Class, Woods Bike
19Costume ClassNEWBest Costume - FREE as 3rd or 4th class
20Bring Out Your Dead (BOYD) Vintage class - pre 1999 (Basically all bikes from the last century)
21Geriatric 50+Open Class, Ages 50+
22Nursing Home 55+NEWOpen Class, Ages 55+
** Please note no 250cc 2 strokes allowed in Yoots/Schoolboy Class only 125cc 2 strokes and 250cc 4 strokes
***Stimilon considers a 250 a 250 (2 or 4 stroke) in any other class

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