Badass Hangover Olympics (from 2016...)

Um, yeah - we aren't doing this this year. Sadly it never really caught on, and franlkly we just ran out of time in 2016.

However, feel free to use any of the following to create your own "event within an event" and run a contest at your pit area...

We left this page up to inspire you to greatness... Enjoy!

So you are probably thinking WTF? Well, allow us to explain:

We have been talking with you, the riders, for years. Picking your brains, asking questions, always trying to make this event better and better.

Yet the more we spoke to you, the riders, you expressed interest in something fun on Friday night. You wanted to have fun. So over many meetings (beers) with the brain trust (people we still owe money to) we started creating fun (funny) events that EVERYONE could compete in and have a blast. The Badass Hangover Olympics were thus created. Stupid, fun, tongue in cheek competitions that really didnt matter. Think the Feats of Strength - but for moto.

These are the events that will show if you are truly BADASS or just HUNGOVER! Each class will should have limited entries so that it insures everyone gets amble time to ride/compete.

So without further ado - These were our 2016 Badass Hangover Olympic classes:

1) Free for All - Team Relay:

This is a 45 minute moto. 4 or 5 person team (we haven't decided yet). However teams will be created randomly by Computer (or pulled from a hat) but the idea is so no one can stack the teams. Everyone agreed this would be more fun. Each racer takes one lap at a time, then at finish they must push bike with a dead engine a short distance off the track back to start area where they exchange the "baton" which will be a wristband or piney or underwear (whatever) before the next team rider goes. This will go on for 45 minutes with the team generating the most laps declared the winner! This should be a ton of fun, give everyone plenty of riding, but since it is one lap at a time - no one will be too tired. We are stoked to do this and hope you guys are too! Limit 80 entries (again we will generate random teams)

2) Holeshot Bracket Race:

Head to head Holeshot race. Double Elimination including losers bracket. Winner advances. Lets see who is the fastest to turn 1. Another popular suggestion.
Limit 24 entries

3) Wheelie Contest:

Simple - can you wheelie? really wheelie?
You think it will be that simple? We will see
Limit 20 entries

4) Nose Wheelie Contest:

Think you are Windham? Prove it!
Farthest ride without going over wins. (This should be good)
Limit 10 entries (because honestly,this is going to be a disaster)

5) Pit Bike Circle of Death:

4 cones will be placed to create a small circle. Each cone will have a tennis ball on it. If you knock the ball off while riding you will be given a 2 second penalty per ball knocked off. One rider at a time. Race 10 laps one direction, reverse, 10 laps other direction. Fastest time (without puking) wins.
Limit 20 entries

6) Tire toss:

Huck a tire. Overhand, granny style, roll it - we really dont care. Where it falls is your spot. Farthest distance wins.
Limit 25 entries

There are discussions of other event ideas and we may add some if we see fit. But for right now these are your 2016 events - Have at em!

We are soliciting sponsors for each competition and will award prizes in usual Stimilon Fashion. Interested in supporting one or more of these events? Please email

So the question remains, will you be a BADASS or just HUNGOVER?