Stimilon Code of Honor

The Stimilon Code of Honor is what allows us to have such fun events. But without your absolute compliance, events like this will fade away. Please, always, Honor the Code...

Stimilon Code of Honor

If you act like an adult,
Take responsibility for your own actions,
And respect those around you...
You can pretty much do anything you want.

Basically what this is saying is be a big boy: If you screw up, and sometimes we all do - own up to it and make it right. That's all. If you knock a guy down in the Mosh Pit, be the first to extend your hand and help him back up. If you bump a dude's beer, buy him a new one. If you ghost ride your pit bike into a a guy's $100,000 RV, knock on the door, give him your name, number and insurance (the right one!) and tell him you will take care of it - and do it! Then buy the guy a few beers (trust me, always a smooth move) Look, imagine if it was you on the other side of this situation, how would you like it handled. Then do that.

Thanks, Rock On!

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