Stimilon Motocross Challenge Terms & Conditions

By using this website, whether viewing, uploading, or setting your life's agenda know this: WE ARE NOT RESPONSOIBLE FOR ANYTHING! I mean seriously - have you met us? We can barely get to the races on time...

What exactly does that mean? Well a lot actually, and we don't have all the time to list them all here so use your common sense.

We can NOT tell you that your girl/boy friend is going to break up with you 2 days before Valentine's Day even after you bought him/her that special something that they were hinting about just last week (jerk/bitch). We can NOT prevent you from failing out of school or getting fired even though you didn't do the work. We WILL show all your precious information to the world and might even add a few things in there that you told us when you thought we were in the "Trust Tree" (well that branch broke - besides what you did was gross, how could we not embarrass you with that?). However, we will NOT share your email with the world, we never have, but we reserve the right to sell it if we can get big bucks for it. But that is doubtful since you really aren't that important, trust us we already tried.

We reserve the right to use any photo, image or likeness of you to make you look like a rockstar (or an idiot) whichever suits our needs at the moment. We want to promote this event to all so remember to be smart, respectful, and have fun. And Bring a camera - you never know what you might capture. You (or your buddies) might just become our poster child (see below)

Posterchild Posterchild

Bottom Line: This event is for fun, so lets keep it that way. All info here is strictly for our records for registration. Nothing is planned to be shared (like anyone wants to get in touch with you anyway - wow!)

Use your common sense, as always - don't post your bank account info, passwords, your sister's weight, or anything else that you might be "sensitive" about. But your email is how we keep contact with you and confirm this registration. We do not want to call you and chat for hours, we have better things to do.

Thank you for playing.